Package Description Author(s) Updated
chrome A library for accessing the Chrome APIs in a packaged app or extension. Email Adam Bender
Email Ben Holtz
Aug 21, 2017
json_serializable Generates utilities to aid in serializing to/from JSON. Email Dart Team Aug 21, 2017
modern_charts_angular_wrapper Angular chart wrapper for modern charts made by Man Hoang Email Dejan Marlovic Aug 21, 2017
googleapis_beta Auto-generated client libraries for accessing the following APIs:adexchangebuyer2:v2beta1, appengine:v1beta, appengine:v1beta4, appengine:v1beta5, clouderrorreporting:v1beta1, cloudmonitoring:v2beta2, Email Dart Team Aug 21, 2017
googleapis Auto-generated client libraries for accessing the following APIs:acceleratedmobilepageurl:v1, adexchangebuyer:v1.3, adexchangebuyer:v1.4, adexchangeseller:v1.1, adexchangeseller:v2.0, adexperiencerepo Email Dart Team Aug 21, 2017
w_flux Flux library for uni-directional dataflow inspired by reflux and Facebook's flux architecture. Email Workiva Client Platform Team
Email Dustin Lessard
Email Evan Weible
Email Jay Udey
Email Max Peterson
Email Trent Grover
Aug 21, 2017
logging_service The service for advanced work with logging Email Ivan Evsikov Aug 21, 2017
observable_roles An implementation of Observable pattern that also supports queueing of events and roles for publishers. Email Roman Snitko Aug 21, 2017
modern_charts A package for creating simple yet modern looking charts. Email Man Hoang Aug 21, 2017
mock_web_server Web server that can be used for testing HTTP clients Email Miguel Castiblanco Aug 20, 2017