Package Description Author(s) Updated
docker A Dart wrapper around the Docker command line Email Mike Mitterer Dec 5, 2016
scissors A CSS minifier / tree-shaker for AngularDart 1.x / Angular2. Email Olivier Chafik Dec 5, 2016
bwu_dart_archive_downloader Typed API for the site where Dart artifacts like SDK, Dartium, ContentShell, ChromeDriver and API docs can be downloaded. Email Günter Zöchbauer Aug 10, 2015
fastchemail Check email address Email Jonas Me ( Jonas Me ( Dec 5, 2016
angel_cors Angel CORS middleware. Email Tobe O Dec 5, 2016
body_parser Parse request bodies and query strings in Dart. Email Tobe O Dec 5, 2016
db_schema_migration A database schema migration tool, to execute the right sequence of SQL commands that are required to get your DB to the desired state. Email Istvan Soos Dec 4, 2016
auth_header Utility library to parse and manipulate HTTP Authorisation header Email Ravi Teja Gudapati Dec 4, 2016
bytes A library for working with bytes. Email Steven Roose Dec 4, 2016
flutter_stream_friends Flutter's great. Streams are great. Let's mingle. Email brian.egan Dec 4, 2016