Package Description Author(s) Updated
d_calendar A web calendar Email Dejan Marlovic & Patrick Minogue May 27, 2015
google_visualization_api A package to call Google's Visualization / Charts API directly from Dart. Email Robert Hartung May 27, 2015
dart_coveralls Pub package to calculate coverage, format it to LCOV and send it to coveralls Email Axel Christ May 26, 2015
harvest Event store for Dart with multiple backends Email Lars Tackmann May 26, 2015
pubs Automate Dart build and deploy tasks. Email Günter Zöchbauer May 26, 2015
sitegen Static site generator for Dart, webserver included. Email Mike Mitterer May 26, 2015
rest HTTP REST and general REST application framework. Email Matthew Coleman May 26, 2015
dartson Dartson is a Dart library that can be used to convert Dart objects into a JSON string. It uses dart:mirrors reflection to rebuild the schema. It also works in dart2js when using the dartson builder. Email Eric Schneller May 26, 2015
googleapis Auto-generated client libraries for accessing the following APIs:adexchangebuyer:v1.3, adexchangeseller:v1.1, adexchangeseller:v2.0, admin:directory_v1, admin:email_migration_v2, admin:reports_v1, ads Email Dart Team May 26, 2015
googleapis_beta Auto-generated client libraries for accessing the following APIs:autoscaler:v1beta2, cloudmonitoring:v2beta2, container:v1beta1, datastore:v1beta2, deploymentmanager:v2beta1, dns:v1beta1, genomics:v1b Email Dart Team May 26, 2015