Package Description Author(s) Updated
over_react A library for building statically-typed React UI components using Dart. Email Workiva UI Platform Team Oct 26, 2016
tavern a static site generator Email John Ryan Oct 25, 2016
http_multi_server A dart:io HttpServer wrapper that handles requests from multiple servers. Email Dart Team Oct 25, 2016
w_transport Transport library for sending HTTP requests and opening WebSockets. Platform-independent with builtin support for browser and Dart VM (even supports SockJS). Includes mock utilities for testing. Email Workiva Client Platform Team
Email Dustin Lessard
Email Evan Weible
Email Jay Udey
Email Max Peterson
Email Trent Grover
Oct 25, 2016
ng2gen Angular2 Component Files Generator Email Luis Vargas
Email Hadrien Lejard
Oct 25, 2016
bbt Building Blocks and Tools (BBT) CLI Library. For Scientists, Engineers, Educators and Students. Email Fernando Quinonez
Email Antonio Goez
Oct 25, 2016
shelf Web Server Middleware for Dart Email Dart Team Oct 24, 2016
async Utility functions and classes related to the 'dart:async' library. Email Dart Team Oct 24, 2016
bazel Bazel support for Dart Email Dart Team Oct 24, 2016
rxdart Native Dart rx implementation Email Frank Pepermans Oct 24, 2016