Package Description Author(s) Updated
angel_static Static server middleware for Angel. Email thosakwe May 2, 2016
angel_framework Core libraries for the Angel framework. Email Tobe O May 2, 2016
watcher A file system watcher. It monitors changes to contents of directories and sends notifications when files have been added, removed, or modified. Email Dart Team May 2, 2016
analyzer Static analyzer for Dart. Email Dart Team Apr 13, 2016
polymer_app_layout A dart port of the polymer app-layout elements. Email Mike Hoolehan May 2, 2016
stagehand A scaffolding generator for your Dart projects. Stagehand helps you get set up! Email Seth Ladd
Email Devon Carew
Email Kathy Walrath
May 2, 2016
js_util Utilities to access JavaScript from Dart. Email Fluidic Team May 2, 2016
slickdart Basic grid component port from SlickGrid with dynamic row height, frozen column enhancement Email CJKAO , tonosama-atlacatl CJKAO , tonosama-atlacatl Apr 27, 2016
julian Convert between Julian day numbers, proleptic Julian calendar days and proleptic Gregorian calendar days. Email Christian Stewart Christian Stewart Apr 30, 2016
startr Clones template snippets into project. Email Damon Douglas Apr 30, 2016