angular2 3.1.0+1


RENAMED to angular.

The angular2 package is deprecated. See the angular package (without the "2") for future updates.



New features

  • Exposed TouchFunction and ChangeFunction typedefs to make the transition to strong-mode easier for teams relying on these function definitions. We might remove them in a future release when they are no longer needed.

  • Added a flag to use an experimental new compiler that uses the Dart analyzer to gather metadata information. This flag will be turned on by default in 4.0:

        use_analyzer: true

WARNING: Using use_analyzer: true requires discontinuing use of the platform_* options, and fails-fast if both flags are used. See for details.

WARNING: Using use_analyser: true doesn't yet work with most third-party packages due to a bug.


  • Using dart:mirrors (i.e. running AngularDart without code generation) is now formally deprecated. In 4.0+ code generation will be the only way to run an AngularDart application, even in development mode. Please ensure you are using our transformer:

Bug fixes

  • CSS errors are now just warnings, and can be ignored. This is due to using a CSS parser for encapsulation - and the AngularDart transformer aggressively runs on all CSS files in a given package. We hope to make this smoother in a future release.

  • Do not generate throwOnChanges checks outside of dev-mode.


  • Bypasses the deprecated event plugin system for all native DOM events.
  • At runtime interpolate is now represented by multiple functions (faster).
  • KeyValueDiffer (NgClass, NgStyle) optimized for initial add/removals.
  • No longer generates event handler registrations for directive outputs.


New features

  • composeValidators and composeAsyncValidators now part of the public API.
  • angular2/testing.dart includes a test-only isDebugMode function.
  • (Forms) AbstractControl.markAsDirty now emits a status change event.

Breaking changes

  • Requires at least Dart SDK 1.23.0.

  • Injecting null is no longer supported.

  • Remove unused useProperty argument in DI Provider api.

  • ReflectionCapabilities.isReflectionEnabled renamed to reflectionEnabled.

  • Malformed CSS warnings are errors now.

  • Removed forms async validators. Alternative:

    control.valueChange((value) {
      rpc.validate(change).then((errors) {
        if (errors != null) control.setErrors(errors);
  • Removed TitleService. To update the title, use dart:html:

    document.title = 'My title';
  • DynamicComponentLoader now has a simplified API:

    loadAsRoot, loadAsRootIntoNode replaced by a single load method that always creates the component root node instead of hoisting into an existing node.

  • Removed viewBindings from Component. This has been interchangeable with viewProviders for a while now.

    BEFORE: dart @Component(viewBindings: const [])

    AFTER: dart @Component(viewProviders: const [])

  • Removed EventManager from the public API. Code generation is now closer to document.addEventListener and having this interception layer would not allow further optimizations.

  • Removed IterableDifferFactory and KeyValueDifferFactory from the public API. We have planned compiler optimizations that will no longer allow overriding our diffing implementations. Looking into alternatives before a final 3.0.0 release that are lower cost.

  • ASYNC_VALIDATORS can no longer return a Stream instance, only Future.

  • The experimental NgTestBed was removed. Use package:angular_test now.

  • By default, the ExceptionHandler is a BrowserExceptionHandler, which prints exceptions to the console. If you don't want this behavior (i.e. releasing to production), make sure to override it.

  • ElementRef.nativeElement is now final (no setter).

  • DOM adapter is now completely removed from the API and generated code

  • A name parameter is now required for all @Pipe(...) definitions:

    BEFORE: dart @Pipe(name: 'uppercase')

    AFTER: dart @Pipe('uppercase')

  • DomEventsPlugin now requires a strongly typed interface to dart:html.

  • Null is no longer propagated as an initial change value. Code should be updated to either deliver a different initial value or components with an @Input() should have an appropriate default value.


    <my-component [value]="null"></my-component>
    String _value;
    set value(String value) {
      _value = value ?? 'Default name';


    String _value = 'Default name';
    set value(String value) { _value = value; }
  • Removed the isFirstChange() method of SimpleChange. Instead, check whether previousValue is null.

  • Removed NgPlural, deprecated as of 2.1.0.

  • Removed ObservableListDiffFactory, deprecated as of 2.1.0.

  • Event handlers are bound at initialization time. Therefore, the following will no longer work, because clickHandler is null during initialization.

        selector: 'my-component',
        template: '<div (click)="clickHandler($event)"></div>')
    class MyComponent {
      Function clickHandler;
  • Removed Component.moduleId, which was unused.


  • @View will be removed in 4.0, only use @Component instead.
  • EventEmitter is now @Deprecated: Use Stream and StreamController.
  • ngSwitchCase replaces ngSwitchWhen (soft deprecation).
  • XHR is deprecated, along with the runtime/reflective compiler.
  • IterableDiffers and KeyValueDiffers are deprecated. The cost of looking up to see if a custom differ is available is too high for almost no use. Before they're removed, we'll have other customization options.

Bug fixes

  • Updated various documentation to make cleaner and use Dart, not TS, samples.
  • Perf: Added performance improvements around generated code and type inference.
  • Fix: Key-value differ now detects removals when first key moves.
  • Fix: <ng-content select="..."> does not emit incorrect code (regression).
  • Perf: Optimized how reflective providers are resolved on application startup.
  • ngSwitchWhen now properly compares identity in Dartium.
  • Component/Directive#selector is now a @required property.
  • Angular warns in the console if using Dartium without checked mode.
  • Various performance improvements for both code size and runtime.
  • Various Dart idiomatic/style guide updates to the codebase.
  • ngIf now throws again if the bound value changes during change detection.
  • Fixed a bug where the router didn't work on a root path in IE11.
  • Fixed generated code that caused a strong-mode warning on AppView<...>.
  • Fixed a bug where DDC didn't work properly with "pure" Pipes.
  • Some simple types are now propagated to the generated .template.dart file.
  • When setting up a new NgControl, valueAccessor no longer can throw an NPE
  • Re-enabled strong-mode analysis within the project, and fixed some errors.


  • We now use the formal <T> generic type syntax for methods, not /*<T>*/.
  • Removed NgZoneImpl, all the code exists in NgZone now.
  • We now generate specific code for view and content children (faster).
  • Projectable nodes now use the visitor pattern in AppView.
  • In generated .template.dart change detected primitives are typed.
  • Moved renderType as a static class member in generated code.


API changes

  • Breaking changes
    • Using @ViewQuery|Children|Content| in a constructor is no longer valid. This caused significant extra code to need to be generated for a case that is relatively rare. Code can safely be moved into a setter in most cases.


class MyComponent {
  QueryList<ChildComponent> _childComponents;

  MyComponent(@ContentChildren(ChildComponent) this._childComponents);


class MyComponent {
  QueryList<ChildComponent> _childComponents;

  set childComponents(QueryList<ChildComponent> childComponents) {
    _childComponents = childComponents;

Bug fixes

  • Importing angular2/reflection.dart now works properly.


API changes

  • Introduced angular2/reflection.dart as canonical way to opt-in to mirrors. In 2.2.0 it will be considered deprecated to enable runtime reflection by any other means.


API changes

  • Breaking changes
    • NgControlStatus no longer included in COMMON_DIRECTIVES and in FORM_DIRECTIVES. Needs to be manually included in your bootstrap or migrated off of
  • Deprecations
    • Using @Query in a component constructor; move to field-level
    • Renderer: Use dart:html directly
    • NgControlStatus: A form control should set class they are interested in
    • NgPlural: Was never formally supported in Angular Dart. Recommend using package:intl with getters on your @Component pointing to an Intl.message call until we have formal template support (planned)
    • ObservableListDiff: Not properly implemented, will re-introduce later
  • Removed support for InjectorModule - was never formally supported

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Documentation fixes and cleanups across the codebase
  • Code size and runtime performance improvements across the codebase
  • More reduction of STRONG_MODE exceptions in the compiler
  • Removed InjectorModule code (from TS-transpiler era)
  • Fixed a bug with ExceptionHandler not being called during change detection
  • Fixed a bug where controls were not marked dirty when an error was set

2.0.0 Release

API changes

  • Implemented NgTestBed to improve test infrastructure
  • Removed Metadata classes used for angular annotations.
  • Added ComponentState to provide push change detection with better ergonomics and code generation.
  • ViewContainerRef.createEmbeddedView index parameter removed instead introduced insertEmbeddedView.
  • Added support for minimal code generation when user explicitly marks component with preserveWhitespace:false.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Improved ngFor performance.
  • Improved shared style host performance.
  • Improved @ViewChild/@ViewChildren performance.
  • Code and documentation cleanups.
  • Strong mode fixes.


API changes

  • POTENTIALLY BREAKING Observable features new use the new observable package, instead of observe.
  • Removed Renderer.createViewRoot.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Improved compiler errors.
  • Fixes to reduce code size.
  • Support the latest pkg/build.
  • Now require Dart SDK 1.19 at a minimum.
  • Added .analysis_options to enforce a number of style rules.


Our push towards better performance has started showing results in this release. This update provides 5-10% speedup in components. >20% reduction in Dart code size emitted from compiler.

API changes

  • Added support for '??' operator in template compiler.
  • Removed unused animation directives to create more Darty/compile time version.
  • Removed unused i18n pipes to prepare for dart:intl based solution.
  • Language facades removed (isPresent, isBlank, getMapKey, normalizeBool, DateWrapper, RegExpWrapper, StringWrapper, NumberWrapper, Math facades, SetWrapper, ListWrapper, MapWrapper, StringMapWrapper, ObservableWrapper, TimerWrapper).
  • Deprecated unused ROUTER_LINK_DSL_TRANSFORM.
  • Refactor(element.dart) is now app_element.dart.
  • AppView moved to app_view. DebugAppView moved to debug/debug_app_view.dart.
  • The deprecated injection Binding and bind have been removed.
  • Remove global events and disposables (instead of :window type targets, use dart APIs).

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Improved change detection performance.
  • Improved error messages reported by template compiler.
  • Optimized [class.x]="y" type bindings.
  • Switched to js_util for browser_adapter to make angular CSP compliant.
  • Started strongly typing element members in compiled template code.
  • Cheatsheet and code docs updated.
  • Router fixes


API changes

  • Added ngBeforeSubmit event to ngForm API to allow better validation.
  • Global events removed from event binding syntax (dart:html APIs provide better alternative).

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Reduced template code size.
  • Cleanup of facades.
  • Class Documentation updates.
  • ngForm submit changed to sync.
  • Removed disposables in generated template code.


API changes

  • Remove existing implementation of web workers, to be replaced in the future with Dart import override for dart:html.

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Remove throwOnChanges parameter from all change detection calls in generated template.dart.
  • Unused and empty assertArrayOfStrings API removed.
  • Update BrowserDomAdapter from dart:js to package:js.
  • Reset change detection to guard against template exception.
  • Delete unused files.
  • Clean up the NgIf directive and remove facades.
  • Enabled Travis-CI.
  • Update tests that should only run in the browser.
  • Add angular transformer which deletes any pre-existing generated files from Bazel.
  • Add DI library entrypoint to support VM tests.
  • Fix the Math facade (improper annotation): @Deprecated(description).
  • Clean up animation classes.
  • Remove library name declarations.
  • Run dart formatter on all code.
  • Remove unused testing/lang_utils.dart.


This is the first release of Angular 2 for Dart that is written directly in Dart, instead of generated from TypeScript.

API changes

The Provider constructor and provide() function are now more intuitive when they have a single argument.

Before, const Provider(Foo) or provide(Foo) would provide a null object. To provide a Foo object, you had to use const Provider(Foo, useClass:Foo) or provide(Foo, useClass:Foo). Now you can omit the useClass:Foo. Either of the following provides a Foo instance:

const Provider(Foo)
// or

If you want the old behavior, change your code to specify useValue:

const Provider(Foo, useValue: null)
// or
provide(Foo, useValue: null)

Known issues

  • Some types of dependency injection don't work. (

Bug fixes and other changes

  • Fix lower bound of pkg/build dependency.
  • Fixes for dependency upper bounds: build and protobuf.
  • Bumping min version of pkg/intl and pkg version.
  • Remove redundant declaration of el.
  • Security Update. Secure Contextual Escaping Implementation.
  • Fix Intl number formatting.
  • Enforce strong mode for angular2.dart.
  • Updating README and for first release.
  • Enforce dartfmt for dart/angular2.
  • Add //dart/angular2/build_defs with default resolved_identifiers.
  • Import cleanup.
  • Annotate browser-only tests.
  • Include .gitignore in files sent to GitHub.
  • Fix a strong mode error in angular2 (strong mode type inference miss).
  • Add compiler tests.
  • Delete unused libraries in lib/src.
  • Updated pubspec: authors, description, homepage.
  • Angular strong mode fixes for DDC support.
  • Add _LoggerConsole implementation of Console for the TemplateCompiler.
  • Mark Binding and bind() as deprecated. Replaced by Provider and provide().

1. Depend on it

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  angular2: "^3.1.0+1"

2. Install it

You can install packages from the command line:

$ pub get

Alternatively, your editor might support 'pub get'. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:angular2/angular2.dart';




DEPRECATED - please use angular (without the 2)


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Aug 31, 2017