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Welcome to BWU Datagrid

BWU Datagrid is an advanced Polymer.dart grid/spreadsheet component

BWU Datagrid is a Dart port from SlickGrid

Find examples in the wiki.

**UPDATE: August 27th, 2014


some things are already working:

  • Basic rendering
  • Scrolling and manual column resize
  • Editing, Custom Editors, Custom Validators
  • The examples work also when built to JavaScript
  • Full keyboard navigation
  • Column resize/reorder/show/hide
  • Column autosizing & force-fit
  • Pluggable cell formatters & editors
  • Support for editing and creating new rows.
  • Advanced detached & multi-field editors with undo/redo support.
  • Background post-rendering for richer cells

Some highlights (when it's ready):

(This description is copied from SlickGrid. The Dart port is not there yet)

  • Adaptive virtual scrolling (handle hundreds of thousands of rows with extreme responsiveness)
  • Extremely fast rendering speed
  • Supports jQuery UI Themes (not sure yet)
  • Configurable & customizable
  • Grouping, filtering, custom aggregators, and more!
  • “GlobalEditorLock” to manage concurrent edits in cases where multiple Views on a page can edit the same data.
  • Support for millions of rows


Composite Editor


Custom Editors


Inline Filter, Paging, ...


Tree functionality


Alternative Display


Async Post Render


Header row


Checkbox row select


Sort by column ascending/descending

sort_ascending       sort_descending


  • Fix #24882 (Unhandled exception: type 'int' is not a subtype of type 'double'.) in newer Dartium versions (1.13.0-devx)


  • fix for breaking change in Dart 1.10.0 in classes.add


  • widen dependency constraint on quiver


  • use dartformat
  • extend dependency constraint to allow Polymer 0.16.0

0.0.19 (not published)

  • exclude example/asset/example.css and lib/asset/smoothness/jquery-ui-1.8.16.custom.css from being inlined by the Polymer transformer.
  • Move sparkline to dev_dependency
  • Remove script tags for platform.js and dart_support.js from entry pages because pub build/pub serve adds them automatically (platform.js was also renamed to web_components.js anyway).


  • Widen dependency constraints on Polymer
  • !! Polymer 0.15.0 or some Dart update broke drag-n-drop for range selection and row reordering. Drag-n-drop for column reordering still works (doesn't use HTML5 drag-n-drop) I'll have yet to investigate to find the cause.


  • Update to Polymer 0.14.0
  • Change DataView row id from String to dynamic


  • Add BwuAttached event to simplify remove an re-attach. See also #97


  • Possible fix of #97


  • Upgrade to Polymer 0.13.0


  • Remove the blue background added for debugging purposes only.


  • Looks much better in Firefox (haven't changed anything - maybe the new Firefox (31) has better custom element/shadow DOM support or the Polymer polyfills work better on Firefox now (or both) There are still a few issues with Firefox though.
  • Updated to Polymer 0.12.1
  • Add example 11 auto-height
  • Add example 12 fill-browser
  • Add example 13 getItem-sorting
  • Add example header-row
  • Add example checkbox row select
  • Add example spreadsheet
  • Add example grouping


  • Add example 10 async post render
  • Uses BWU Sparkline for inline charts
  • Uses Polymer 0.11.0-dev.6


  • Nothing (inadvertently skipped)


  • Add example 09 row reordering
  • Add drag and drop
  • Add cell selection/range selection
  • Add example 08 alternative display


  • #51 add tree functionality (expand/collapse) to the grid


  • Fix #48 click header to sort the column leads to drag


  • Add example 04_model
  • Add columnpicker
  • Add reorder columns
  • Add filter
  • Add sort by click on the column header
  • Add paging
  • Add top-panel
  • Add force fit columns
  • Add synchronous resize


  • add example composite_editor_item_details added
  • add example totals_via_data_provider added
  • upgrade to Polymer 0.10.0-pre.13


  • add example 03a_compound_editors added
  • add example 03b_editing_with_undo added
  • add example 07_events
  • add example 14_highlighting


  • add basic editing support
  • add example 03_editing
  • fix examples to run when built to JavaScript and are available on GitHub Pages


  • fix formatters
  • add example 02_formatters


  • can display data
  • can scroll
  • can resize columns
  • add plugin bwu_auto_tooltips
  • add example-autotooltips

Use this package as a library

1. Depend on it

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  bwu_datagrid: ^0.0.23

2. Install it

You can install packages from the command line:

with pub:

$ pub get

Alternatively, your editor might support pub get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:bwu_datagrid/bwu_datagrid.dart';
Version Uploaded Documentation Archive
0.0.26 Feb 5, 2017 Go to the documentation of bwu_datagrid 0.0.26 Download bwu_datagrid 0.0.26 archive
0.0.25 Aug 18, 2016 Go to the documentation of bwu_datagrid 0.0.25 Download bwu_datagrid 0.0.25 archive
0.0.24 Dec 3, 2015 Go to the documentation of bwu_datagrid 0.0.24 Download bwu_datagrid 0.0.24 archive
0.0.23 Nov 11, 2015 Go to the documentation of bwu_datagrid 0.0.23 Download bwu_datagrid 0.0.23 archive
0.0.22 May 28, 2015 Go to the documentation of bwu_datagrid 0.0.22 Download bwu_datagrid 0.0.22 archive
0.0.21 May 14, 2015 Go to the documentation of bwu_datagrid 0.0.21 Download bwu_datagrid 0.0.21 archive
0.0.20 Mar 11, 2015 Go to the documentation of bwu_datagrid 0.0.20 Download bwu_datagrid 0.0.20 archive
0.0.18 Sep 27, 2014 Go to the documentation of bwu_datagrid 0.0.18 Download bwu_datagrid 0.0.18 archive
0.0.17 Sep 12, 2014 Go to the documentation of bwu_datagrid 0.0.17 Download bwu_datagrid 0.0.17 archive
0.0.16 Sep 7, 2014 Go to the documentation of bwu_datagrid 0.0.16 Download bwu_datagrid 0.0.16 archive

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