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BWU PubClient

Easy access to remote API from Dart.


It's not the simplest example but one I needed. For a given package it prints which dependency has a dependency constraint (direct or transitive) that prevents updating to the latest version

library bwu_pub_client.example.check_dependencies;

import 'dart:async' show Future, Stream;
import 'dart:collection';
import 'package:bwu_pub_client/bwu_pub_client.dart';
import 'package:http/http.dart' as http;

const startPackageName = 'appengine';

/// Collect all dependencies (direct and transitive).
Map<String, PubPackage> allDependencies = <String, PubPackage>{};

main() async {
  final pubClient = new PubClient(new http.Client());
  Map<String, Set<String>> outdated =
      await findLimitingDependencies(pubClient, startPackageName);
  outdated.forEach((k, v) {
        '"${k}" (latest: ${allDependencies[k].latest.version
            }) doesn\'t support the latest version of:');
    v.forEach((e) {
          '    "${e}" (${allDependencies[e].latest.version}) - constraint: ${

/// Collect all direct and transitive dependencies and let
/// `outdatedDependencies()` find which have constraints that limit updating to
/// the most recent version.
Future<Map<String, Set<String>>> findLimitingDependencies(
    PubClient pubClient, String packageName) async {
  /// Queue of packages to fetch info from
  final queue = new Queue<String>();

  while (queue.isNotEmpty) {
    /// Fetch data from
    final PubPackage package = await pubClient.fetchPackage(queue.removeLast());
    allDependencies[] = package;

    /// Queue transtitive dependencies to process
    final dependencies = package.latest.pubspec.dependencies;
    if (dependencies != null) {
      for (final p in dependencies.keys) {
        if (!allDependencies.containsKey(p) && !queue.contains(p)) {
  return outdatedDependencies();

/// Find the dependencies where a dependency constraint prevents updating to
/// the most recent version.
Map<String, Set<String>> outdatedDependencies() {
  final result = <String, Set<String>>{};
  final depending = findDependingPackages();
  depending.forEach((k, v) {
    v.forEach((d) {
      final dep = allDependencies[d].latest.pubspec.dependencies[k];
      /// Check if latest version is supported (only hosted packages are
      /// supported currently because others would require to fetch version
      /// information from a path or Git reference.
      if (dep.kind == DependencyKind.hosted &&
          !dep.versionConstraint.allows(allDependencies[k].latest.version)) {
        if (result[d] == null) {
          result[d] = new Set<String>()..add(k);
        } else {
  return result;

/// Builds a map from each dependency to the packages which depend on this 
/// dependency (from the set of transitive dependencies of the 
/// `startPackageName`).
Map<String, List<String>> findDependingPackages() {
  final result = {};
  allDependencies.forEach((k, v) {
    final dependencies = findDependingOn(k);
    result[k] = dependencies;
  return result;

/// Get the packages which depend on package [name].
List<String> findDependingOn(String name) {
  return allDependencies.keys
      .where((k) =>

prints for example

"gcloud" (latest: 0.2.0+1) doesn't support the latest version of:
    "googleapis_beta" (0.14.0) - constraint: >=0.10.0 <0.13.0
    "googleapis" (0.10.0) - constraint: >=0.2.0 <0.9.0
"appengine" (latest: 0.3.0) doesn't support the latest version of:
    "logging" (0.11.1) - constraint: >=0.9.3 <0.10.0

which shows that the package appengine has a constraint on logging which prevents to update to the latest logging version and that appengine also has a dependency on gcloud which isself has too narrow constraints for googleapis_beta and googleapis to update to the newest versions of these dependencies.



  • enable travis integration
  • use bwu_utils_dev default Grinder tasks


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Use this package as a library

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  bwu_pub_client: ^0.1.0+1

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with pub:

$ pub get

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3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:bwu_pub_client/bwu_pub_client.dart';
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