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Connection Pool

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A very simple generic connection pool.

Example: How to build a MongoDB connection pool, and use it in a Redstone.dart app

import 'package:redstone/server.dart' as app;
import 'package:connection_pool/connection_pool.dart';
import 'package:mongo_dart/mongo_dart.dart';

 * A MongoDB connection pool
class MongoDbPool extends ConnectionPool<Db> {

  String uri;

  MongoDbPool(String this.uri, int poolSize) : super(poolSize);

  void closeConnection(Db conn) {

  Future<Db> openNewConnection() {
    var conn = new Db(uri);
    return => conn);

 * Retrieve and release a connection from the pool.
dbInterceptor(MongoDbPool pool) {

  //get a connection
  pool.getConnection().then((managedConnection) {

    //save the connection in the attributes map
    app.request.attributes["conn"] = managedConnection.conn; {
      if (app.chain.error is ConnectionException) {
        //if a connection is lost, mark it as invalid, so the pool can reopen it
        //in the next request
        pool.releaseConnection(managedConnection, markAsInvalid: true);
      } else {
        //release the connection


//To use a connection, just retrieve it from the attributes map
service(@app.Attr() Db conn) {

main() {


  //create a connection pool
  var mongodbUri = "mongodb://localhost/database";
  var poolSize = 3;

  app.addModule(new Module()
    ..bind(MongoDbPool, toValue: new MongoDbPool(mongoDbUri, poolSize)));



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1. Depend on it

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  connection_pool: ^0.1.1

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with pub:

$ pub get

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3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:connection_pool/connection_pool.dart';
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