core_elements 0.7.1+8

Core elements

Note: This package is for polymer.dart < 0.17

This package wraps the Polymer project's core elements, providing the following features:

  • Because the elements are bundled into a single pub package, you can add core_elements as a dependency in your pubspec. You don't need to install npm or bower.
  • Core elements that are either performance sensitive (like core-list) or use native objects that are difficult to use via dart:js (like core-ajax) have been ported to Dart.
  • The remaining core elements are wrapped with Dart proxy classes, making them easier to interact with from Dart apps.

You can find out more about core elements here:


This is an early access version of the core elements. The elements are still changing on both the JavaScript and Dart sides.

Using elements

All elements live at the top level of the lib/ folder.

Import into HTML:

<link rel="import" href="packages/core_elements/core_input.html">

Or import into Dart:

import 'package:core_elements/core_input.dart';


All examples are located in a separate repo,

version 0.7.1+8

  • Minor fixes

version 0.7.1+7

  • Update to use package:observable

version 0.7.1+6

  • Fix Cannot read property 'position' of null error in core-dropdown.

version 0.7.1+5

  • Widen web_components constraint to <=0.13.0.

version 0.7.1+4

  • Fix window.event is undefined error #213

version 0.7.1+3

  • Cherry pick a fix for core/paper dropdown so it doesn't disappear if you click on the scroll bar.

version 0.7.1+2

  • Stop hiding files in the .gitignore.

version 0.7.1+1

  • Move custom_element_apigen to a dev dependency.

version 0.7.1

  • Update to new custom_element_apigen and use the polymer_interop package instead of the polymer package for most things.

version 0.7.0

  • Update to match JS version 0.5.5.
    • Breaking Change core-icons has been rebased on the opensource set from
      • The "post-" icons in the "social" set have been removed.
      • A few other icons from other sets have been removed.
      • The png-icons set has been removed.
    • core-list-dart does not yet have the resizable mixin like it does on the js side, 205.

version 0.6.1+2

  • Update constraint on web_components.

version 0.6.1+1

  • Add back waitForMutation param to clearLower and clearUpper for core-scroll-threshold.

version 0.6.1

  • Increase polymer and custom_element_apigen lower bounds. Now takes advantage of @HtmlImport so manual html imports are no longer required to use the elements, just a dart import will work.
  • Added support for the roboto font and all the core-animated-pages transitions outside of the src folder. Also added a dart file for each of these which just includes an @HtmlImport.

version 0.6.0+5

  • Increase quiver upper bound to <0.22.0.

version 0.6.0+4

  • Increase quiver upper bound 185

version 0.6.0+3

  • Fix calling updateSize in core-list-dart with null data 182

version 0.6.0+2

  • Fix bug in core-list-dart where clicking a selected item would cause a runtime error 177.

version 0.6.0+1

  • Fix bug in core-ajax with setting an indeterminate progress when in a browser that doesn't support progress events. Also the url attribute now defaults to null instead of an empty string.

version 0.6.0

  • The offset property of the core-animation element is now called animationOffset so that it won't conflict with the offset property in its base class, HtmlElement.
  • Moved examples to central repo and updated readme

version 0.5.0+2

  • core-list-dart no longer crashes if the window is resized before the list data is initialized.

version 0.5.0+1

  • Added some methods/properties from the polymer base class.
  • Added mixin support so CoreFocusable works as intended.
  • Fixed warning in core-list-dart.

version 0.5.0

  • Update to match JS version 0.5.1.
    • New core-image is a new element which is a fancy version of the standard img tag.
    • New core-label is a new element which allows you to provide rich content as a label, as opposed to just text like the regular label tag.
    • New core-scroll-threshold is a new element which fires events based on scroll positions for target elements.
    • Major Update core-list-dart has received a major update. It now supports groups of items, grid layouts, and variable height items.
    • Removed core-dropdown-overlay has been removed.
    • Breaking Change core-input no longer supports the multiline attribute. It also now extends the input element directly, so it should be created using the is keyword: <input is="core-input" />.
    • Breaking Change core-dropdown-menu now requires that you nest a core-dropdown or some other overlay and a core-selector or other selector element as children.

version 0.4.0+6

  • Update core-list-dart to have runtime checks for valid templates, 142.

version 0.4.0+5

  • Cherry pick core-focusable#3 which removes invalid comment tokens from a .js file.

version 0.4.0+4

  • Cherry pick 33 to fix repeated quick showing and hiding of core overlays.

version 0.4.0+3

  • Fix core-list-dart for the case where it is initialized with an empty array 137.

version 0.4.0+2

  • Optimize core-list-dart for cases where the original list is cleared out entirely but not replaced by a new list (such as calling .clear() or setting .length = 0).

version 0.4.0+1

  • Fixes for core-list-dart, coming from 130. Adding and removing items from small lists is fixed.

version 0.4.0

  • Updated core elements to match JavaScript version 0.4.2
    • Important breaking change: core_list_dart behaves differently. You no longer need special properties on the model of the list item. The template will be bound to a wrapper model object that contains the index, whether the item is selected, and the model you provided. See dartdoc for details.
  • Cherry-picked newer version of core-tooltip/core-focusable to avoid adding a dependency to paper elements.
  • removed unnecessary files (README from the core element repos)

version 0.3.2

  • Updated to use polymer 0.15.1 (Dart interop support is loaded automatically now.)

version 0.3.1+1

  • Fix core-list-dart division by zero error when list is empty 124.

version 0.3.1

  • Update core_elements_config.yaml with the new deletion_patterns option. This deletes a lot of cruft code from bower update.

version 0.3.0+1

  • Fix import in core_transition_pages 118.

version 0.3.0

  • Update elements to the 0.4.1 js versions.
    • Breaking Change core-dropdown has been renamed to core-dropdown-menu, core-popup-menu has been renamed to core-dropdown, and core-popup-overlay has been renamed to core-dropdown-overlay.
    • New core-a11y-keys element, which helps when dealing with key events.

version 0.2.2+1

  • Upgrade custom_element_apigen to a real dependency as its required in the wrappers.

version 0.2.2

  • Update all elements so they can be built from code using a normal factory constructor, such as new CoreInput(). It is still necessary however to include the html import for each element you wish to create this way.

version 0.2.1+2

  • Fix for 107. The core-ajax-dart element no longer throws exception in checked mode, and the content-type header will have the proper default.

version 0.2.1+1

  • Update core-input element to 88cbe6f. This removes the need to use js interop for many methods that are forwarded to the underlying input element.

version 0.2.1

  • Update all elements to the 0.4.0 js versions.
    • New Added new element core_popup_menu.
    • Fix core_drag_drop example.
  • Upgrade polymer dependency to >= 0.14.0.
    • Removed platform.js from all tests and examples.
  • Upgrade dependency on web_components to >=0.7.0.

version 0.2.0+1

Upgrade polymer dependency to >=0.13.0

version 0.2.0

Updated all elements to the 0.3.5 js versions.

  • New Added core-dropdown element, which acts like a <select> tag.
  • New Ported examples/demo.html which provides a central page to run all the other demos.
  • Breaking Change All icons that previously lived under 'packages/core_elements/core_icons/iconsets/' now live directly under 'packages/core_elements/'.
  • Workaround in core-list-dart for bug20648
  • Expanded polymer version constraint to <0.14.0.

version 0.1.1+2

Fix for, core-ajax-dart no longer throws an exception when handling errors.

version 0.1.1+1

Fix for, core-ajax-dart no longer fails if no params attribute is supplied.

version 0.1.1

Fix for, added missing togglePanel method to core-drawer-panel.

version 0.1.0+1

Updated all elements to the 0.3.4 js version.

version 0.0.4

New generated wrappers for core-elements. This completely replaces and is incompatible with earlier version of the package.

version 0.0.3 and earlier

This was an attempt to port the core-elements to Dart. This version of the package is deprecated.

1. Depend on it

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:


2. Install it

You can install packages from the command line:

$ pub get

Alternatively, your editor might support pub. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.


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