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Debug Grid

Just include it in your project, and you can overlay a debug grid with the g Key.


  • press Shift - g to toggle between 6 and 12 columns.
  • press l to display lines as well
  • press Shift - l to toggle the visibility of columns only



Add this to your pubspec.yaml:

  debug_grid: any


In your html, just include the grid like this:

<link rel="import" href="packages/debug_grid/debug_grid.html">

and put this at the end of your body tag:


That's it, you're good to go!

I'm assuming you have already a project setup with polymer! If not, please refer to the polymer dart documentation on how to do that, because this grid will not work otherwise.


Here is a fully configured debug grid:

<debug-grid totalWidth="1128"

This would display a 1128px wide grid with 24px wide gutters, 24px line height and 3 columns. By default it is visible and would not show columns, but only lines (which can be toggled with the appropriate keys).

The visibility toggle key has been remapped to 83 (s) and the lines toggle key has been remapped to 86 (v).


MIT License



  • Add possibility to provide units to measurements and switch to rem units per default
  • Ease up on the polymer dependencies
  • Started changelog...

1. Depend on it

Add this to your package's pubspec.yaml file:

  debug_grid: "^0.4.0"

2. Install it

You can install packages from the command line:

with pub:

$ pub get

Alternatively, your editor might support pub get. Check the docs for your editor to learn more.

3. Import it

Now in your Dart code, you can use:

import 'package:debug_grid/debug_grid.dart';
Version Uploaded Documentation Archive
0.4.0 May 22, 2016 Go to the documentation of debug_grid 0.4.0 Download debug_grid 0.4.0 archive
0.3.0 Mar 31, 2016 Go to the documentation of debug_grid 0.3.0 Download debug_grid 0.3.0 archive
0.2.3 Apr 1, 2015 Go to the documentation of debug_grid 0.2.3 Download debug_grid 0.2.3 archive
0.2.2 Oct 21, 2014 Go to the documentation of debug_grid 0.2.2 Download debug_grid 0.2.2 archive
0.2.1 Sep 5, 2014 Go to the documentation of debug_grid 0.2.1 Download debug_grid 0.2.1 archive
0.2.0 Sep 2, 2014 Go to the documentation of debug_grid 0.2.0 Download debug_grid 0.2.0 archive
0.1.1 Aug 26, 2014 Go to the documentation of debug_grid 0.1.1 Download debug_grid 0.1.1 archive
0.1.0 Aug 22, 2014 Go to the documentation of debug_grid 0.1.0 Download debug_grid 0.1.0 archive


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  • completed on Feb 3, 2018
  • Dart: 2.0.0-dev.20.0
  • pana: 0.10.1


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Detected platforms: web

Primary library: package:debug_grid/debug_grid.dart with components: html, js, mirrors.


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Package Constraint Resolved Available
Direct dependencies
Dart SDK >=1.9.0 <2.0.0
cookie >=0.0.4 <0.1.0 0.0.4
logging >=0.11.0 <1.0.0 0.11.3+1
polymer >=1.0.0-rc.15 <2.0.0 1.0.0-rc.19
Transitive dependencies
analyzer 0.29.5 0.31.0+1
args 0.13.7 1.3.0
async 2.0.3
barback 0.15.2+14
charcode 1.1.1
cli_util 0.1.2+1
code_transformers 0.5.1+4
collection 1.14.5
convert 2.0.1
crypto 2.0.2+1
csslib 0.14.1
dart_style 0.2.16 1.0.9+1
glob 1.1.5
html 0.13.2+2
initialize 0.6.2+7
isolate 0.2.3 1.1.0
meta 1.1.2
package_config 1.0.3
path 1.5.1
plugin 0.2.0+2
polymer_interop 1.0.0-rc.10
pool 1.3.4
reflectable 1.0.3 1.0.4
source_maps 0.10.4
source_span 1.4.0
stack_trace 1.9.1
string_scanner 1.0.2
typed_data 1.1.5
utf 0.9.0+4
watcher 0.9.7+7
web_components 0.12.5
yaml 2.1.13