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Linter for Dart

The Dart Linter package defines lint rules that identify and report on "lints" found in Dart code. Linting is performed by the Dart analysis server and the dartanalyzer commandline tool.

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The linter is bundled with the Dart SDK; if you have an updated Dart SDK already, you're done!

Alternatively, if you want to contribute to the linter or examine the source, clone the linter repo like this:

$ git clone


The linter gives you feedback to help you catch potential errors and keep your code in line with the published Dart Style Guide. Currently enforceable lint rules (or "lints") are catalogued here and can be configured via an analysis options file. The linter is run from within the dartanalyzer command-line tool shipped with the Dart SDK. Assuming you have lints configured in an analysis_options.yaml file with these contents:

    - annotate_overrides
    - hash_and_equals
    - prefer_is_not_empty

you could lint your package like this:

$ dartanalyzer --options analysis_options.yaml .

and see any violations of the annotate_overrides, hash_and_equals, and prefer_is_not_empty rules in the console. To help you choose the rules you want to enable for your package, we have provided a complete list of rules and a growing list of lints according to the Effective Dart guide. For the lints that are enforced internally at Google, see package:pedantic.

If a specific lint warning should be ignored, it can be flagged with a comment. For example,

   // ignore: avoid_as
   (pm as Person).firstName = 'Seth'

tells the dartanalyzer to ignore this instance of avoid_as warning. As lints are treated the same as errors and warnings by the analyzer, their severity can similarly be configured in an options file. For example, an analysis options file that specifies

    - avoid_as
    avoid_as: error

tells the analyzer to treat avoid_as lints as errors. For more on configuring analysis see the analysis option file docs.


Feedback is, of course, greatly appreciated and contributions are welcome! Please read the contribution guidelines; mechanics of writing lints are covered here.

Features and bugs

Please file feature requests and bugs in the issue tracker.


  • unnecessary_parenthesis updated to allow wrapping a ! argument
  • miscellaneous documentation grammar and spelling fixes
  • improved error messages for always_declare_return_types
  • fix prefer_final_fields to work with classes that have generic type arguments
  • (internal): deprecated code cleanup
  • fixed false positives in unrelated_type_equality_checks


  • analyzer package dependency bumped to ^0.34.0


  • experimental lints avoid_positional_boolean_parameters, literal_only_boolean_expressions, prefer_foreach, prefer_void_to_null promoted to stable
  • unnecessary_parenthesis improved to handle function expressions


  • deprecated prefer_bool_in_asserts (redundant w/ Dart 2 checks)
  • improved doc generation to highlight deprecated and experimental lints
  • bumped analyzer lower-bound to 0.33.4
  • bumped SDK lower-bound to 2.1.0
  • new lint: unnecessary_await_in_return


  • new lint: use_function_type_syntax_for_parameters
  • internal changes to migrate towards analyzer's new LinterContext API
  • fix false positive in use_setters_to_change_properties
  • implementation improvements (and speed-ups) to prefer_foreach and public_member_api_docs
  • new lint: avoid_returning_null_for_future
  • new lint: avoid_shadowing_type_parameters


  • new lint: prefer_int_literals
  • update await_only_futures to allow awaiting on null
  • update use_setters_to_change_properties to work with => short-hand


  • fix NPE in prefer_iterable_whereType


  • improved message display for await_only_futures
  • performance improvements for null_closures
  • new lint: avoid_returning_null_for_void


  • updated analyzer compatibility to ^0.33.0


  • miscellaneous mixin support fixes
  • update to sort_constructors_first to apply to all members
  • update unnecessary_this to work on field initializers


  • broadened SDK version constraint


  • fix cast exceptions related to mixin support


  • fixes to better support mixins


  • updated unawaited_futures to ignore assignments within cascades
  • new lint: sort_pub_dependencies


  • new lint: prefer_mixin
  • new lint: avoid_implementing_value_types


  • new lint: flutter_style_todos
  • improved handling of constant expressions with generic type params
  • NPE fix for invariant_booleans
  • Google lints example moved to package:pedantic
  • improved docs for unawaited_futures


  • new lint: avoid_void_async
  • unawaited_futures updated to check cascades


  • relaxed void_checks (allowing T Function() to be assigned to void Function())
  • test and build improvements
  • introduced Effective Dart rule set
  • Google ruleset updates
  • (internal cleanup): move cli main into lib/
  • fixed false positives in lines_longer_than_80_chars
  • new lint: prefer_void_to_null


  • roll-back to explicit uses of new and const to be compatible w/ VMs running --no-preview-dart-2


  • fix to lines_longer_than_80_chars to handle CRLF endings
  • doc improvements
  • set max SDK version to <3.0.0
  • fix to non_constant_identifier_names to better handle invalid code
  • new lint: curly_braces_in_flow_control_structures


  • fix to avoid_positional_boolean_parameters to ignore overridden methods
  • fix to prefer_is_empty to not evaluate constants beyond int literals
  • new lint: null_closures
  • new lint: lines_longer_than_80_chars


  • fixed an issue in const error handling
  • updated linter binary to use previewDart2


  • new unnecessary_const lint
  • new unnecessary_new lint
  • fixed errors in use_to_and_as_if_applicable
  • new file_names lint


  • updated unnecessary_statements to ignore getters (as they may be side-effecting).


  • fixed void_checks to handle arguments not resolved to a parameter
  • fixed exceptions produced by prefer_const_literals_to_create_immutables


  • unrelated_type_equality_checks now allows comparison between Int64 or Int32 and int
  • unnecessary_parenthesis improved to handle cascades in cascades


  • migration of rules to use analyzer package NodeLintRule and UnitLintRule yielding significant performance gains all around
  • specific performance improvements for prefer_final_fields (~6x)
  • addressed no such method calls in void_checks
  • improved lint reporting for various lints


  • new void_checks lint


  • new avoid_field_initializers_in_const_classes lint
  • miscellaneous documentation fixes
  • improved handling of cascades in unnecessary_statements
  • new avoid_js_rounded_ints lint


  • new avoid_double_and_int_checks lint
  • fix to handle uninitialized vars in prefer_const_declarations
  • fix for generic function type handling in avoid_types_as_parameter_names
  • new prefer_iterable_whereType lint
  • new prefer_generic_function_type_aliases lint
  • Dart 2 compatibility fixes


  • performance fixes for library prefix testing (library_prefixes)
  • new avoid_bool_literals_in_conditional_expressions lint
  • new prefer_equal_for_default_values lint
  • new avoid_private_typedef_functions lint
  • new avoid_single_cascade_in_expression_statements lint


  • fix for invariant_booleans when analyzing for loops with no condition
  • new avoid_types_as_parameter_names lint
  • new avoid_renaming_method_parameters lint


  • new avoid_relative_lib_imports lint
  • new unnecessary_parenthesis lint
  • fix to prefer_const_literals_to_create_immutables to handle undefined classes gracefully
  • updates to prefer_const_declarations to support optional new and const
  • prefer_const_declarations updated to check locals
  • fixes to invariant_booleans
  • bumped SDK lower bound to 2.0.0-dev
  • build and workflow improvements: rule template fixes; formatting and header validation
  • miscellaneous documentation fixes


  • new prefer_const_declarations.dart lint
  • new prefer_const_literals_to_create_immutables lint
  • miscellaneous documentation improvements


  • added support for external constructors in avoid_unused_constructor_parameters
  • added code reference resolution docs for comment_references


  • broadened args package dependency to support versions 1.*


  • avoid_unused_constructor_parameters updated to better handle redirecting factory constructors
  • avoid_returning_this improvements
  • prefer_bool_in_asserts improvements
  • miscellaneous documentation fixes


  • prefer_interpolation_to_compose_strings updated to allow concatenation of two non-literal strings
  • prefer_interpolation_to_compose_strings updated to allow +=
  • lots of rule documentation fixes and enhancements
  • fix for prefer_const_constructors_in_immutables false positive with redirecting factory constructors


  • public_member_api_docs fix for package URIs


  • avoid_positional_boolean_parameters updated to allow booleans in operator declarations
  • comment_references fixed to handle incomplete references
  • non_constant_identifier_names updated to allow underscores around numbers


  • new avoid_unused_constructor_parameters lint
  • new prefer_bool_in_asserts lint
  • new prefer_typing_uninitialized_variables lint
  • new unnecessary_statements lint
  • public_member_api_docs updated to only lint source in lib/
  • 'avoid_empty_else' fixed to ignore synthetic EmptyStatements
  • updated library prefix checking to allow leading $s
  • miscellaneous documentation fixes
  • Dart SDK constraints restored (removed unneeded 2.0.0-dev.infinity constraint)


  • linter engine updated to use new analysis driver



  • non_constant_identifier_names extended to include named constructors
  • SDK constraint broadened to 2.0.0-dev.infinity
  • improved prefer_final_fields performance


  • fixes to unnecessary_overrides (noSuchMethod handling, return type narrowing, special casing of documented super calls)
  • fix to non_constant_identifier_names to handle identifiers with no name
  • fixes to prefer_const_constructors to support list literals
  • fixes to recursive_getters
  • fixes to cascade_invocations



  • new prefer_const_constructors_in_immutables lint
  • new always_put_required_named_parameters_first lint
  • new prefer_asserts_in_initializer_lists lint
  • support for running in --benchmark mode
  • new prefer_single_quote_strings lint


  • docs for avoid_setters_without_getters
  • fix to directives_ordering to work with part directives located after exports
  • fixes to cascade_invocations false positives
  • fixes to literal_only_boolean_expressions false positives
  • fix to ensure cascade_invocations only lints method invocations if target is a simple identifier
  • fixes to use_string_buffers false positives
  • fixes to prefer_const_constructors


  • Lint stats (-s) output now sorted.


  • New prefer_foreach lint.
  • New use_string_buffers rule.
  • New unnecessary_overrides rule.
  • New join_return_with_assignment_when_possible rule.
  • New use_to_and_as_if_applicable rule.
  • New avoid_setters_without_getters rule.
  • New always_put_control_body_on_new_line rule.
  • New avoid_positional_boolean_parameters rule.
  • New always_require_non_null_named_parameters rule.
  • New prefer_conditional_assignment rule.
  • New avoid_types_on_closure_parameters rule.
  • New always_put_control_body_on_new_line rule.
  • New use_setters_to_change_properties rule.
  • New avoid_returning_this rule.
  • New avoid_annotating_with_dynamic_when_not_required rule.
  • New prefer_constructors_over_static_methods rule.
  • New avoid_returning_null rule.
  • New avoid_classes_with_only_static_members rule.
  • New avoid_null_checks_in_equality_operators rule.
  • New avoid_catches_without_on_clauses rule.
  • New avoid_catching_errors rule.
  • New use_rethrow_when_possible rule.
  • Many lint fixes (notably prefer_final_fields, unnecessary_lambdas, await_only_futures, cascade_invocations, avoid_types_on_closure_parameters, and overridden_fields).
  • Significant performance improvements for prefer_interpolation_to_compose_strings.
  • New unnecessary_this rule.
  • New prefer_initializing_formals rule.


  • New avoid_function_literals_in_foreach_calls lint.
  • New avoid_slow_async_io lint.
  • New cascade_invocations lint.
  • New directives_ordering lint.
  • New no_adjacent_strings_in_list lint.
  • New no_duplicate_case_values lint.
  • New omit_local_variable_types lint.
  • New prefer_adjacent_string_concatenation lint.
  • New prefer_collection_literals lint.
  • New prefer_const_constructors lint.
  • New prefer_contains lint.
  • New prefer_expression_function_bodies lint.
  • New prefer_function_declarations_over_variables lint.
  • New prefer_initializing_formals lint.
  • New prefer_interpolation_to_compose_strings lint.
  • New prefer_is_empty lint.
  • New recursive_getters lint.
  • New unnecessary_brace_in_string_interps lint.
  • New unnecessary_lambdas lint.
  • New unnecessary_null_aware_assignments lint.
  • New unnecessary_null_in_if_null_operators lint.
  • Miscellaneous bug fixes and codegen improvements.


  • New cascade_invocations lint.
  • Expand await_only_futures to accept classes that extend or implement Future.
  • Improve camel case regular expression tests to accept $s.
  • Fixes to parameter_assignments (improved getter handling and an NPE).


  • Fixed cast exception in dart_type_utilities (dart-lang/sdk#27405).
  • New parameter_assignments lint.
  • New prefer_final_fields lint.
  • New prefer_final_locals lint.
  • Markdown link fixes in docs (#306).
  • Miscellaneous solo test running fixes and introduction of solo_debug (#304).


  • Updated tests to use package test (#302).


  • Fixed false positive on []= in always_declare_return_types (#300).
  • New invariant_booleans lint.
  • New literal_only_boolean_expressions lint.
  • Fixed camel_case_types to allow $ in identifiers (#290).


  • Internal updates to keep up with changes in the analyzer package.
  • Updated close_sinks to respect calls to destroy (#282).
  • Fixed only_throw_errors to report on the expression not node.


  • Removed whitespace_around_ops pending re-name and re-design (#249).


  • Grinder support (rule:rule_name and docs:location) for rule stub and doc generation (respectively).
  • Fix to allow leading underscores in non_constant_identifier_names.
  • New valid_regexps lint (#277).
  • New whitespace_around_ops lint (#249).
  • Fix to overridden_fields to flag overridden static fields (#274).
  • New list_remove_unrelated_type to detect passing a non-T value to `List.remove()`` (#271).
  • New empty_catches lint to catch empty catch blocks (#43).
  • Fixed close_sinks false positive (#268).
  • linter support for --strong to allow for running linter in strong mode.


  • New only_throw_errors lint.
  • New lint to check for empty_statements (#259).
  • Fixed NSME when file contents cannot be read (#260).
  • Fixed unsafe cast in iterable_contains_unrelated_type (#267).


  • New cancel_subscriptions lint.


  • New close_sinks lint.
  • Fixes to iterable_contains_unrelated_type.


  • Fix NSME in iterable_contains_unrelated_type (#245).
  • Fixed typo in comment_references error description.
  • Fix overriden_field false positive (#246).
  • Rename linter binary lints option to rules (#248).
  • Help doc tweaks.


  • Fix to public_member_api_docs to check for documented getters when checking setters (#237).
  • New iterable_contains_unrelated_type lint to detect when Iterable.contains is invoked with an object of an unrelated type.
  • New comment_references lint to ensure identifiers referenced in docs are in scope (#240).


  • Fix for false positive in overriden_fields.
  • New unrelated_type_equality_checks lint.
  • Fix to accept $ identifiers in string interpolation lint (#214).
  • Update to new plugin API (0.2.0).
  • Strong mode cleanup.


  • Fix to allow simple getter/setters when a decl is ``@protected` (#215).
  • Fix to not require type params in is checks (#227).
  • Fix to not flag field formal identifiers in parameters (#224).
  • Fix to respect filters when calculating error codes (#198).
  • Fix to allow const and final vars to be initialized to null (#210).
  • Fix to respect commented blocks in empty_constructor_bodies (#209).
  • Fix to check types on list/map literals (#199).
  • Fix to skip main when checking for API docs (#207).
  • Fix to allow leading $ in type names (#220).
  • Fix to ignore private typedefs when checking for types (#216).
  • New test_types_in_equals lint.
  • New await_only_futures lint.
  • New throw_in_finally lint.
  • New control_flow_in_finally lint.


  • Fix to respect @optionalTypeArgs (#196).
  • Lint to warn if a field overrides or hides other field.
  • Fix to allow single char UPPER_CASE non-constants (#201).
  • Fix to accept casts to dynamic (#195).


  • Fix to skip overriding members in API doc checks (public_member_api_docs).
  • Fix to suppress lints on synthetic nodes/tokens (#193).
  • Message fixes (annotate_overrides, public_member_api_docs).
  • Fix to exclude setters from return type checks (#192).


  • Fix to address LibraryNames regexp that in pathological cases went exponential.


  • Doc generation improvements (now with options samples).
  • Lint to sort unnamed constructors first (#187).
  • Lint to ensure public members have API docs (#188).
  • Lint to ensure constructors are sorted first (#186).
  • Lint for hashCode and == (#168).
  • Lint to detect un-annotated overrides (#167).
  • Fix to ignore underscores in public APIs (#153).
  • Lint to check for return types on setters (#122).
  • Lint to flag missing type params (#156).
  • Lint to avoid inits to null (#160).


  • Updated to use analyzer 0.27.0.
  • Updated options processing to handle untyped maps (dart-lang/sdk#25126).


  • Fix type_annotate_public_apis to properly handle getters/setters (#151; dart-lang/sdk#25092).


  • Fix to protect against errors in linting invalid source (dart-lang/sdk#24910).
  • Added avoid_empty_else lint rule (dart-lang/sdk#224936).


  • Fix to package_api_docs (dart-lang/sdk#24947; #154).


  • Fix to package_prefixed_library_names (dart-lang/sdk#24947; #154).


  • Added prefer_is_not_empty lint rule (#143).
  • Added type_annotate_public_apis lint rule (#24).
  • Added avoid_as lint rule (#145).
  • Fixed non_constant_identifier_names rule to special case underscore identifiers in callbacks.
  • Fix to escape _s in callback type validation (addresses false positives in always_specify_types) (#147).


  • Added always_declare_return_types lint rule (#146).
  • Improved always_specify_types to detect missing types in declared identifiers and narrowed source range to the token.
  • Added implementation_imports lint rule (#33).
  • Test performance improvements.


  • Added always_specify_types lint rule (#144).


  • Fixed linter registry memory leaks.


  • Fixed various options file parsing issues.


  • Fixed false positives in unnecessary_brace_in_string_interp lint. Fix #112.


  • Internal code and dependency constraint cleanup.


  • Initial stable release.


  • Added machine output option. Fix #69.
  • Fixed resolution of files in lib/ to use a package: URI. Fix #49.
  • Tightened up analyzer package constraints.
  • Fixed false positives in one_member_abstracts lint. Fix #64.


  • Initial push to pub.

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We analyzed this package on Dec 14, 2018, and provided a score, details, and suggestions below. Analysis was completed with status completed using:

  • Dart: 2.1.0
  • pana: 0.12.7


Detected platforms: Flutter, web, other

No platform restriction found in libraries.

Health suggestions

Fix lib/src/rules/public_member_api_docs.dart. (-1 points)

Analysis of lib/src/rules/public_member_api_docs.dart reported 2 hints:

line 120 col 20: 'lookupInheritance' is deprecated and shouldn't be used.

line 169 col 21: 'lookupMember' is deprecated and shouldn't be used.

Fix lib/src/rules/annotate_overrides.dart. (-0.50 points)

Analysis of lib/src/rules/annotate_overrides.dart reported 1 hint:

line 83 col 20: 'lookupInheritance' is deprecated and shouldn't be used.

Fix lib/src/rules/avoid_positional_boolean_parameters.dart. (-0.50 points)

Analysis of lib/src/rules/avoid_positional_boolean_parameters.dart reported 1 hint:

line 126 col 20: 'lookupInheritance' is deprecated and shouldn't be used.

Maintenance suggestions

The description is too short. (-20 points)

Add more detail about the package, what it does and what is its target use case. Try to write at least 60 characters.

Maintain an example.

None of the files in your example/ directory matches a known example patterns. Common file name patterns include: main.dart, example.dart or you could also use linter.dart. Packages with multiple examples should use example/


Package Constraint Resolved Available
Direct dependencies
Dart SDK >=2.1.0 <3.0.0
analyzer ^0.34.0 0.34.0
args >=1.4.0 <2.0.0 1.5.1
glob ^1.0.3 1.1.7
meta ^1.0.2 1.1.6
source_span ^1.0.2 1.4.1
yaml ^2.1.2 2.1.15
Transitive dependencies
async 2.0.8
charcode 1.1.2
collection 1.14.11
convert 2.0.2
crypto 2.0.6
csslib 0.14.6
front_end 0.1.7
html 0.13.3+3
kernel 0.3.7
logging 0.11.3+2
package_config 1.0.5
plugin 0.2.0+3
pub_semver 1.4.2
string_scanner 1.0.4
typed_data 1.1.6
utf 0.9.0+5
watcher 0.9.7+10
Dev dependencies
cli_util ^0.1.2
dart_style ^1.1.0
grinder ^0.8.0
markdown ^2.0.0
matcher ^0.12.0
path ^1.2.0 1.6.2
test ^1.0.0