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Builds Dart protocol buffers.


Make a protobuf file:

syntax = "proto2";

package address_book;

message Person {
    required string name = 1;
    required int32 id = 2;
    optional string email = 3;

    enum PhoneType {
        MOBILE = 0;
        HOME = 1;
        WORK = 2;

    message PhoneNumber {
        required string number = 1;
        optional PhoneType type = 2 [default = HOME];

    repeated PhoneNumber phones = 4;

message AddressBook {
    repeated Person people = 1;

Run the command:

pbuf address_book.proto

Enjoy your new Protocol Buffer!

import 'package:dart_protobuf_example/address_book.pb.dart';

main() {
  var people = [
    new Person() = "Jack Ryan" = "",
    new Person() = "Brad Ryan" = ""
  var x = new AddressBook();
  // prints {"1":[{"1":"Jack Ryan","3":""},{"1":"Brad Ryan","3":""}]}

Getting Started:

Install the latest protoc command:

brew install protoc

Install dart_protoc_plugin on your machine:

git clone
cd dart-protoc-plugin
pub get

Install this tool:

pub global activate protobuf_runner


Option 1: using the DART_PROTOC_PLUGIN environment variable:

export DART_PROTOC_PLUGIN=/path/to/dart-protoc-plugin 
pbuf /path/to/project/lib/address_book.proto

Option 2: using the --plugin flag:

pbuf --plugin=/path/to/dart-protoc-plugin /path/to/project/lib/address_book.proto


to install locally:

pub global activate --source path  /path/to/protobuf_runner/


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  • Initial version, created by Stagehand

Use this package as an executable

1. Install it

You can install the package from the command line:

$ pub global activate protobuf_runner

2. Use it

The package has the following executables:

$ pbuf
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