Package Description Author(s) Updated
angular2_components DEPRECATED: Update your dependency to `angular_components` (without the "2") instead. Email Dart Team Apr 27, 2017
angular_components The official Material Design components for AngularDart. Used at Google in production apps. Email Dart Team Apr 27, 2017
angular2 Framework for modern web applications Email Dart Team Apr 27, 2017
firebase Dart libraries for Firebase Email Jana Moudra
Email Kevin Moore
Apr 27, 2017
ng_bootstrap Angular 2 and Bootstrap 4 Email Luis Vargas
Email Adao Jr.
Apr 27, 2017
angel_framework A high-powered HTTP server with DI, routing and more. Email Tobe O Apr 26, 2017
angel_static Static server middleware for Angel. Email thosakwe Apr 26, 2017
dart_style Opinionated, automatic Dart source code formatter. Email Dart Team Apr 26, 2017
croppie_dart Dart wrapper for croppie. A javascript image cropping library. Email michel Apr 26, 2017
bokain_models A collection of models for bokain Email Patrick Minogue Apr 26, 2017