Package Description Author(s) Updated
angel_configuration Automatic YAML configuration loader for Angel. Email Tobe O Jun 14, 2017
woomera HTTP request dispatch and session manager Email Hoylen Sue Jun 14, 2017
fluri Fluri is a fluent URI library built to make URI mutation easy. Email Workiva Client Platform Team
Email Dustin Lessard
Email Evan Weible
Email Jay Udey
Email Max Peterson
Email Trent Grover
Jun 14, 2017
angel_hot Supports hot reloading of Angel servers on file changes. Email Tobe O Jun 14, 2017
pixmap A simple sprite library for Dart web applications. Email Matan Lurey Jun 14, 2017
fo_components A collection of Angular Dart components Email Patrick Minogue Jun 13, 2017
jsonp Read from jsonp enabled websites Email Matthew Franglen Jun 13, 2017
angel_file_service Angel service that persists data to a file on disk. Email Tobe O Jun 13, 2017
angel_diagnostics Support for diagnostics within the Angel framework. Email Tobe O Jun 13, 2017
analysis_server_lib A library to access Dart's analysis server API. Email Devon Carew Jun 13, 2017