Package Description Author(s) Updated
rxdart Native Dart Rx implementation Email Frank Pepermans
Email Brian Egan
Aug 19, 2017
markd A fork of dart-lang's markdown Email Dart Team Aug 18, 2017
sprintf Dart implementation of sprintf Email Richard Eames Aug 18, 2017
angular_components The official Material Design components for AngularDart. Used at Google in production apps. Email Dart Team Aug 17, 2017
Flutter package android_app_info Lets you query Android application info from a Flutter application. Email Ryan Gonzalez Aug 17, 2017
r_tree A recursive RTree library written in Dart. Email Taylor Anderson Aug 17, 2017
d_charts A web app that creates diffrent types of charts Email dmarl Aug 17, 2017
Flutter package scoped_model A Widget that passes a Model to all of it's children Email brian.egan Aug 17, 2017
angular_data_grid Custom data grid for dart angular. Email abhishek b Aug 17, 2017
l10n Creates translatable PO-Files, strong orientation to xgettext Email Mike Mitterer Aug 17, 2017