Package Description Author(s) Updated
material_menu Material menu for Angular2. Email Tobe O Apr 24, 2017
material_sidenav Material sidenav for Angular2. Email Tobe O Apr 24, 2017
landgrab Landgrab is an AI platform. Email jwowillo jwowillo Apr 24, 2017
compiler_unsupported This is an unsupported copy of the dart2js source. The API of this package can and will change in unpredictable and incompatible ways. Email Dart2js Team Feb 14, 2017
dartifact a Web-UI framework with nestable components. Email Roman Snitko Apr 24, 2017
memoize Returns cached result of function call when inputs were not changed from previous invocation. Email Alexander Polyankin
Email Max Grebenschikov
Apr 24, 2017
observable_roles An implementation of Observable pattern that also supports queueing of events and roles for publishers. Email Roman Snitko Apr 24, 2017
url_launcher Flutter plugin for launching a URL Email Flutter Team Apr 24, 2017
usage A Google Analytics wrapper for both command-line, web, and Flutter apps. Email Dart Team Apr 24, 2017
angel_websocket WebSocket plugin for Angel. Email Tobe O Apr 23, 2017