Package Description Author(s) Updated
angel_shelf Shelf interop with Angel. Email Tobe O Jun 20, 2017
built_collection Builder pattern wrappers for core Dart collections. Email David Morgan
Email Matan Lurey
Jun 20, 2017
idb_shim indexed_db dart polyfill over native, websql, file io or memory implementation Email Alexandre Roux Tekartik Jun 20, 2017
sembast Simple embedded file system database Email Alexandre Roux Tekartik Jun 20, 2017
Flutter package flutter_animated Animated gif/apng support in flutter. Email Nano WANG Nano WANG Jun 20, 2017
transform_sass A Sass transformer for pub-serve and pub-build supporting 'package:' imports using Dart-Sass. Email Jeromy Streets Jun 20, 2017
usage A Google Analytics wrapper for both command-line, web, and Flutter apps. Email Dart Team Jun 20, 2017
stagehand A scaffolding generator for your Dart projects. Stagehand helps you get set up! Email Seth Ladd
Email Devon Carew
Email Kathy Walrath
Jun 19, 2017
angular_quill Angular dart component for the Quill rich text editor Email Adam Lofts Jun 19, 2017
toml Parser and encoder for TOML v0.4.0 (Tom's Obvious, Minimal Language) configuration files. Email Justin Andresen Jun 19, 2017