Package Description Author(s) Updated
mdl Material Design Lite for Dart Email Mike Mitterer Aug 17, 2017
dson Convert Objects to Json and Json to Objects Email Luis Vargas Aug 17, 2017
sass_builder Transpile sass files using the "build" package. Email Luis Vargas Aug 17, 2017
serializable generates a serializable class from classes using `source_gen` package Email Luis Vargas Aug 17, 2017
deeplearning4d Tensorflow Playground Neural Net implementation on Dart Email Marat Gubaidullin Aug 17, 2017
built_mirrors generates `ClassMirror` from classes annotated with `@reflectable` or `@Reflectable()` Email Luis Vargas Aug 17, 2017
Flutter package local_auth A plugin that uses local sensors to authenticate users (such as Fingerprint Reader/Touch ID). Email Flutter Team Aug 17, 2017
build A build system for Dart. Email Dart Team Aug 16, 2017
pubviz Visualize package dependencies in your Dart project Email Kevin Moore Aug 16, 2017
pusher_js Pusher wrapper for Dart Email John Ryan Aug 16, 2017