Package Description Author(s) Updated
angular_forms Forms framework for AngularDart. Email Dart Team Aug 15, 2017
angular Angular for dart. Email Misko Hevery
Email Pavel Jbanov
Email James deBoer
Email Chirayu Krishnappa
Email Matias Niemela
Email Paul Rohde
Email Victor Berchet
Email Rado Kirov
Aug 15, 2017
angular_compiler Compiler for AngularDart. Email Dart Team Aug 15, 2017
io Utilities for the Dart VM Runtime. Email Dart Team Aug 15, 2017
Flutter package device_info Provides detailed information about the device the Flutter app is running on. Email Flutter Team Aug 15, 2017
w_common General utilities for Dart projects. Email Workiva Client Platform Team Aug 15, 2017
d_components A collection of AngularDart components Email Dejan Marlovic Aug 15, 2017
sentry A pure Dart client. Email Yegor Jbanov Aug 15, 2017
over_react_test A library for testing OverReact components Email Workiva UI Platform Team Aug 14, 2017
_bazel_codegen Bazel code generation runner Email Dart Team Aug 14, 2017