Package Description Author(s) Updated
markov_dart A dart library for creating markov chains inspired by otac0n/markov. Email rinukkusu Apr 20, 2017
flutter_flux Flux library for Flutter, featuring unidirectional dataflow inspired by reflux and Facebook's flux architecture. Email Flutter Authors Apr 19, 2017
dart_repl A Dart REPL proof of concept inspired by Python's interactive mode. Email Andreas 'blackhc' Kirsch Apr 19, 2017
dart_repl_sandbox Internal sandbox package that is used for interactions between the sandbox and kernel. Email Andreas 'blackhc' Kirsch Apr 19, 2017
dartz Functional Programming in Dart. Email Björn Sperber Apr 19, 2017
platform_detect A lightweight library for detecting the running browser and OS Email Workiva Client Platform Team Apr 19, 2017
polymer_element Polymer-2 support for Dart Email Vittorio Ballestra Apr 19, 2017
query_builder Powerful, database-agnostic query builder for Dart applications. Email Tobe O Apr 19, 2017
recompose_dart A collection of utilities for writing functional react components in dart Email David Marne Apr 19, 2017
bootstrap Bootstrap's files, in a pub package. Contains Bootstrap 3.3.7 Included is a transformer to swap the CSS for a CDN version. Email Bootstrap core team Bootstrap core team
Email Victor Berchet
Email Seth Ladd
Email Richer Larivière
Sep 25, 2016