Package Description Author(s) Updated
angel_sync Easily synchronize and scale WebSockets using package:pub_sub. Email Tobe O Aug 8, 2017
resize_observer A Dart wrapper for the ResizeObserver API Email Rob Becker Aug 8, 2017
pub_sub Keep application instances in sync with a simple pub/sub API. Email Tobe O Aug 8, 2017
lcov Parse and format LCOV coverage reports. Email C├ędric Belin Aug 8, 2017
np8080 A web based Text editor built with Angular Dart. Email Davy Mitchell Aug 8, 2017
ducene An instant search library for Dart. Email Shinichiro Abe Aug 8, 2017
angel_cli Command-line tools for the Angel framework. Email Tobe O Aug 8, 2017
Flutter package numberpicker NumberPicker is a widget allowing user to choose numbers by scrolling spinners. Email Marcin Szalek Aug 7, 2017
angular_test Testing runner and library for AngularDart Email Dart Team Aug 7, 2017
angular_router Router for AngularDart. Email Dart Team Aug 7, 2017