Package Description Author(s) Updated
faker A library for generating fake data Email Jesper Håkansson Apr 16, 2017
czech Set of Czechia-specific functions. Email Darius Kryszczuk
Email Tomas Zverina
Apr 16, 2017
angel_cors Angel CORS middleware. Email Tobe O Apr 15, 2017
jaguar_serializer Platform and format agnostic serializer built using source_gen Email Ravi Teja Gudapati
Email Kevin Segaud
Email Hadrien Lejard
Apr 15, 2017
http_client A platform-independent HTTP client API. Implemented platforms: `console` and `browser` (both delegating to the `http` package), also support `curl`. Planned platforms: Fetch API, Node.js (with `node_i Email Istvan Soos Apr 15, 2017
shelf_serve This package makes it easy to configure and serve a website and backend with Shelf. Email Rik Bellens Apr 14, 2017
func Typedefs defining commonly used function types to make it simpler to define members that return specific function types. Email Dart Dev Compiler team Apr 14, 2017
w_flux Flux library for uni-directional dataflow inspired by reflux and Facebook's flux architecture. Email Workiva Client Platform Team
Email Dustin Lessard
Email Evan Weible
Email Jay Udey
Email Max Peterson
Email Trent Grover
Apr 14, 2017
pubinit A simple tool to bootstrap a pubspec.yaml Email Ophelien DUPARC Apr 14, 2017
bwu_grinder_tasks A collection of common grinder tasks to reuse in different projects. Email Günter Zöchbauer Jun 15, 2015