Package Description Author(s) Updated
rikulo_commons Common reusable Dart classes and utilities. Email Tom Yeh
Email Henri Chen
Email Simon Pai
Apr 13, 2017
csslib A library for parsing CSS. Email Dart Team Apr 12, 2017
cleverbot A wrapper for interacting with the Cleverbot API. Email rinukkusu Apr 12, 2017
bootjack Bootjack is a porting of Twitter Bootstrap 3.0.x in Dart. Email Simon Pai
Email Jimmy Shiau
Email Tom Yeh
Apr 12, 2017
postgresql2 A temporary fork of Greg's PostgreSQL driver (xxgreg/postgresql) using conserved substitution respecting strings and @@ operators. also optimizing the pool implementation aggressivly. Email Greg Lowe
Email Tom Yeh
Apr 12, 2017
rikulo_security A lightweight and highly customizable authentication and access-control framework for Rikulo Stream. Email Tom Yeh Apr 12, 2017
stream Lightweight Dart web server supporting request routing, filtering, template engine, MVC design pattern, and file-based static resources. Email Tom Yeh Apr 12, 2017
spell_corrector Dart wrapper for Amazon AWS Email John Ryan Apr 11, 2017
html_builder Build HTML AST's and render them to HTML. Email Tobe O Apr 11, 2017
built_collection Builder pattern wrappers for core Dart collections. Email David Morgan
Email Matan Lurey
Apr 11, 2017