Package Description Author(s) Updated
dart2js_info Libraries and tools to process data produced when running dart2js with --dump-info. Email Dart Team Jun 15, 2017
stringprocess A collection of string manipulation functions. Email daftspaniel Jun 15, 2017
angel_range Support for handling the Range and If-Range headers using the Angel framework. Email Tobe O Jun 15, 2017
dart_to_js_script_rewriter Replaces Dart script tags with JavaScript script tags, speeding up initial loads and reducing 404s. Use when ready to deploy. Email Seth Ladd
Email Workiva Client Platform Team
Email Dustin Lessard
Email Evan Weible
Email Jay Udey
Email Max Peterson
Email Trent Grover
Jun 15, 2017
Flutter package sensors A Flutter plugin to access the accelerometer and gyroscope sensors. Email Flutter Team Jun 15, 2017
service_worker Service Worker API Email Istvan Soos Jun 15, 2017
drails_validator Library for validate models similar to JPA Bean validation. Email Luis Vargas Jun 15, 2017
args Library for defining parsers for parsing raw command-line arguments into a set of options and values using GNU and POSIX style options. Email Dart Team Jun 14, 2017
flutter_plugin_tools Productivity utils for hosting multiple plugins within one repository. Email Flutter Team Jun 14, 2017
scheduled_test This package is deprecated. See the README for details. Email Dart Team Jun 14, 2017