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bazel_worker (0.1.4)

Tools for creating a bazel persistent worker.

last updated Apr 5, 2017

angel_framework (latest: 1.0.10 / 1.1.0-alpha+4)

A high-powered HTTP server with DI, routing and more.

last updated Aug 28, 2017

english_words (2.0.4)

Utilities for working with English words.

last updated May 17, 2017

dart_worker (0.0.8)

http cryptocurrency work server. Ready to read post requests, conduct rpc calls, utilizing a basic mongodb cache and remote mysql cache.

last updated Feb 24, 2015

service_worker (0.0.16)

Service Worker API

last updated Jul 1, 2017

worker (0.5.0)

Utility for easy concurrency with isolates

last updated Jul 27, 2014

dart_service_worker (0.0.3)

A simple helper package for Service Worker. Includes an example web app.

last updated Oct 12, 2015

dartwork (0.1.0)

A general-purpose algoritms library includes Bag, Queue, Stack, Graph, Digraph, DirectedCycle, DepthFirstOrder, SymbolGraph, SymbolDigraph, SymbolTable, Topological sort

last updated Aug 18, 2013

cork (0.1.2)

Fast dependency injection for Dart.

last updated Jun 24, 2015

ptframework (0.0.7)

Framework that handles request for ptWebServer

last updated Feb 17, 2014

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